Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing work?

Pricing is based upon the number of employees in your organization.  The subscription fees are billed annually and are based on the total number of employees within your organization not the number of user seats.  This allows for fixed annual pricing and you don’t need to worry about purchasing a new seat license if you add staff.

What if my employee headcount changes?

Since Rizolv is billed annually, simply select the appropriate billing plan at any time, and the associated fees will automatically be charged on your annual renewal date.

What Browsers are supported?

The Rizolv system has been developed and optimized for modern desktop browsers that take advantage of the latest security, speed and stability features available.  Accordingly, we recommend using one of the following browsers for the best experience while using Rizolv.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Versions 9, 10 and  11
  • Google Chrome Version 33.x or higher
  • Mozilla Foxfire Version 28 or higher
  • Apple Safari 6 and Safari 7 (Mac only)

Rizolv will automatically alert you if you’re using an unsupported browser.

Does anyone have access to my data?

No. All passwords and data are fully encrypted using the Federal Government’s AES-256 bit Encryption Standard (please refer to for further details).  All cryptography keys are inaccessible by developers for the decryption of customer data.  For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions (

How will my data be segregated from other companies?

As part of the setup process, you will create a company-specific subdomain with a unique name.  Rizolv subdomains are formatted as follows:

The section of the web address highlighted in bold is known as the subdomain, which denotes the address to a specific and unique location. 

When creating a Rizolv account, you will have the opportunity to select your own subdomain address. This is a unique address that you will use to access your account, and is where you will be able to send your customers to submit cases for you to review and respond to. Because your subdomain will be unique, this also allows you to customize some of the branding elements of the system so that your customers are presented with your logo and colors, making your Rizolv account feel and look consistent with other tools and marketing materials that you have. Your subdomain will follow this pattern - The section highlighted in bold can be chosen by you and should be something memorable and easy for your customers to enter should they need to remember the address. For example, if my company's name was Green Title, I might select as my unique subdomain. 

Do I need to do anything once I've selected my subdomain? 

No. The Rizolv system will automatically take care of any special routing necessary to make sure that your customers see your account and branding settings once you've selected your subdomain. You do not need to make or request any additional domain or DNS settings.

Can I change my subdomain selection?

Yes. You can change or update your subdomain selection even after you have created your account. To do this, go to Settings > Branding and modify the subdomain selection. Note, however, that you will want to make sure that you update any links that you have provided to your customers or support agents in order to make sure that they go to the correct location for your account. 

Why does the system notify me that my subdomain selection is not available?

Each account in the Rizolv system must have a unique subdomain. Accordingly, the system will check to make sure that a subdomain is available before you are able to proceed and finalize your account with your subdomain selection. If the subdomain has already been taken by another customer, the system will prompt you to make a different selection. 

How do I setup a link on my website so that customers can access the case submission form?

Once you have completed setting up your Rizolv account, you will be able to start sending customers to your new case submission form. To do this, we recommend adding a new link on your marketing website in order to direct your customers to the appropriate location. The link will be set to go the following URL:

Remember to replace your-subdomain with the subdomain that you selected during the account setup process.

You can set the link up as a regular link, or as a link that opens up in a new tab/browser window. We've provided examples of both methods below:

Regular link: <a href="" >Link text</a>

Link that opens up in a new tab/browser window: <a href="" >Link text</a>

Remember to replace your-subdomain and Link text with your own account settings and content. 

Please note: we do not recommend using inline frames (also known as iFrames) to attempt to embed your case submission form into your own site. This can introduce security and usability issues.